Tesla, APPLE And Amazon Supplier Accused Of Using Forced Uighur Labour In China

Longtime supplier of Apple, lens technology that also sends products to Tesla and Amazon, has been accused of using forced Uiroject. It also noted that the maker of glass screens and covering, Lens technology is involved in the supply chains of several companies, is reportedly using thousands of Muslim Minority group mostly from the Xinjiang were sent to its factory.

Lens Technology is reportedly one of at least five companies that are connected to Apple’s supply chain that has now been linked to alleged forced labour from the remote province, according to Tech Transparency Project.

However, the glassmaker is prominent among other suppliers of the tech company because of its documented history dating back to the early days of Apple. As per the report, Apple spokesperson Josh Rosenstock said that the company has confirmed that lens technology has not received ant labour transfers including the Uighur workers from Xinjiang.

He reportedly also said that the American multinational technology company ensured earlier this year that none of its suppliers is using the labours from Muslim Minority group from Chinese province. Rosenstock reportedly said that “Apple has zero tolerance for forced labour” and added that it is in company’s policies to assess the presence of forced labour in every supplier.

Moreover, the company spokesperson also claimed that such protections are applied across the supply chain irrespective of the person’s job or location and violations result in ‘immediate consequences’.

He said, “As always, our focus is on making sure everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and we will continue doing all we can to protect workers in our supply chain.”